EKO-METAL S.C. is a company that specializes in manufacturing exclusive central-heating radiators made of stainless steel. All out radiators are manufactured with due care, and they undergo meticulous post-production control. The material used for production is high-class, acid-resistant stainless steel form Italy and Austria (1.403 grade according to DIN classification). Our radiators are not covered with any extra paint or varnish coatings, and so they do not emit any toxic haze or chemical compounds harmful to the environment. Their unique and exclusive appearance is the effect of laborious and careful burnishing and grinding processing.

Our aim is to produce radiators that combine functionality and reliability; radiators that highlight the individuality of every bathroom with its unique appearance; radiators that give the bathroom an exclusive look and at the same time function as a decorative element.

Our radiators have been certified by the Institute of Heating and Sanitary Technology – the department of the Institute of Energetics.